Saturday, February 24, 2018

Galaxy Quest

I really enjoyed the live session where experimentation with the Vallejo Metal Medium was tested on this Gates of Antares figure.  I had only had a chance to use it on a few occasions, so it was quite interesting to use that in front of an audience!

Here's a link:

You have to think differently when you are using the medium, since the more of it is in your mixtures, the lighter your paint will be.  Here's the first step by step example of using the medium to affect "regular" paint:

The Reaper Clear and Liner paints mix with this medium very well, since they are very pure and intense pigments.  They also went well with the Secret Weapon colors, as those are designed to be used transparently.

I am hoping to make a more "permanent" tutorial video on various methods for using this medium.  That will eventually be available to the Patreon subscribers at the $5 level.  The more folks who subscribe to the page, the more videos I can make!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Adepticon Approaches!

Meet Ursula Chenkova, the new Limited Edition figure for Adepticon 2018!  This is from Victoria Miniatures, as you can tell by its distinct style.

Here's a link to the live session where she was painted:

I decided to paint that in a classic red and white scheme, since it seems like a lot of folks have problems with both of those colors.  Their reds turn pink or chalky, and their whites either look too washed out or too dark.

Since I wanted to show everyone what the Shaded Basecoat and Glazing techniques are like, I started this one off with a basic layer or green Stynlrez primer.

See you at Adeption!  Fort Wappel shall rise!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Well Armed

The classic Confrontation figures continue with this  "Ogre" sized version.  This was a fairly large infantry style figure for that time period, and like many other miniatures from that line, the approach to posing and sculpting was quite different.

In 2002/2003, larger figures tended to be bulkier, mostly hunched over or with a stance that was more spread out.  I remember when I first saw these, and how the use of the Fimo material for sculpting had changed how you could approach a larger figure.

It was fun to get the chance to paint one of these at last!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Thief of Hearts

I have said many times how much I love Dark Sword miniatures.  The level of detail and precision makes it a dream to paint.  By comparison, the figures almost "paint themselves", which make them ideal subjects for the live streams, such as this facebook live episode.

I used some Green Stuff World flower tufts on the base, which was a very nice compliment to all the purple tones on the figure itself.  I have many more of these Dark Sword figures prepped, hoping to show dozens of different techniques in both oil paints and 'regular' acrylic paints.

I will be doing special YouTube versions of the live painting sessions on many more Dark Sword figures.  These will be available for the Patreon supporters who pledge $5, and those pledging $10 can win these figures in secondary raffles, in addition to the usual monthly raffle.

I am hoping that the page does well enough that I can start to get more interesting large figures to paint in oils.  

As always, any support for the page helps a great deal!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Swamp Things

When we first started painting figures back in 2001, we were working on a lot of  Celtos, Void and Chronopia miniatures.  I especially liked the Celtos minis, and a number of the Chronopia figures had a similar set of sculpts.

They were all sculpted by Kev White I believe, which meant that there would be certain factors that made them fun to paint!

They tended to be more of a "blank canvas", and not buried in straps and belt buckles!  This meant that you could take the figure in more directions, and make your own choice.

With the advent of ZBrush, you could practically create a sculpt entirely out of belt buckles, because there's a 'brush' in that program which you can use to paint those buckles all over the mini. 

Having those open surfaces to work with meant that you could put more of your own flavor on the figure.

Here's an example of a typical Celtos mini... and there are many more in the gallery!

Friday, February 16, 2018

At last!

I remember seeing this figure posted to various painting sites way back in 2003... part of the Rackham craze that had a major effect on sculpting and painting.

While today's big change in sculpting is ZBrush, at this time using additional materials that were not green stuff for sculpting was not very common.  I believe that Fimo was also used, which probably led to lots of exploding originals during vulcanization.

Having done a lot of stuff with sculpey, I know that you can get really fine details with it... and it can even be carved and sanded after the fact.

I believe that I used some Fimo as I was sculpting this giant Mastadon:

It was very fun to get a chance to work on this figure myself, as I can still remember some of those pictures that I saw posted in the days of painting forums.  Almost past living memory! :-)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A New Standard

Everybody loves banners for their units, but sometimes you have to convert them from existing infantry figures.  In this case, I needed the "on foot" version of my Easterling Kataphract standard bearer... since you can be knocked off your horse in LOTR.

The process was very simple, taking a piece of heavy paper, soaking it in a glue/water mix, then shaping it, and gluing it to a plastic rod.

I never really liked the solid metal banner figures, and this was a great opportunity to make something unique and useful!